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How do I properly maintain Bottle Grinders?

To maintain the smooth surface of the Bottle Grinder Set, we recommend cleaning them gently in lukewarm water mixed with soap, using a soft sponge. Avoid detergents that contain sulfur compounds, which can damage the grinders surface. This will clean the grinder. Thoroughly dry off before refilling it with salt/pepper. Avoid placing bottle grinders in direct sunlight. To avoid screeching sound while grinding, make sure the grinder is properly dry before refilling.

To fill the bottle grinders, gently pull apart at the center seem and fill with salt, pepper, or dried spices. 

To Adjust the grind size, press in the top until it clicks to a lower size/smaller bubble. 

If you are experiencing quality issues with your bottle grinders, please contact our customer service about your product warrantee to find out your options. 

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